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Writing has always been a part of my story. Fiction followed me through my childhood and teenage years, where I spent most of my time reading, writing, and daydreaming about Renaissance Era cathedrals and 1920s speakeasies. In 2017, I self-published a YA novel called All The Little Things. For a brief chapter, I wrote under the name Brooke Bundy, but the pages turned and all content produced going forward from 2024 will revert to my original name. 

While attending college, I worked at a coffee shop for two years where I developed a daily habit of consuming caffeine.  In 2019, I graduated from University of North Georgia with a B.S. in Media Studies, which taught me how to write for various mediums such as journalism and film.

I have two years' experience as a freelance writer, creating SEO-optimized articles for companies like betterpet, Hepper, and PawCare. My dog, Tuggles, and my cats give me real-life experience as a pet parent and sometimes appear as guest contributors in my posts.

In addition to creating pet-related content, I've written articles and recipes for Coffee Affection, where I've shared tips on how to make your living room latte taste like a cafe treat.

During my time in New Orleans, I learned how to garden since plants grew in the Zone 9b climate virtually year-round. I enjoy writing about gardening techniques, and my work has been featured on HouseGrail, where I've written about diverse DIY topics such as when to plant chrysanthemums and how to clean a microwave.

Today, I happily make my home in the Appalachian foothills, taking note of the local wildflowers and haunting the neighborhood coffee shops.

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